Can I Regrow Small Onions Next Year?

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Euniceadi | 14:49 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Home & Garden
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I have been growing cooking onions successfully for many years but this year my crop was small compared to previous years. In fact, some of them are about the same size as when I planted them in March. Admittedly, some were in a shadier place but all were smaller. Can I replant the small onions next year and expect them to grow to a decent size? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Personally, I would discard them and start again with fresh sets in the spring.
If possible planting them in a sunnier location.
Yes you can. My OH does it quite often.

This daft American shows you how to do it.

I've yet to find anyone who has had a decent onion crop this year - too dry at a critical time. Onion sets are cheap - buy new ones next year.
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Thank you all for your replies. I think I'll try replanting a few of my tiny onions next year just for the experience but I shall buy new sets too and keep them all well watered.
As others have said .. dont mess about with old onion sets. They have failed once, so discard them. They are far too cheap to mess around with. Why are you waiting until next year, you can plant them soon within the next couple of months. These will set roots this year and start to grow. These early sets will give you a flying start and remove the guesswork for planting next season. The green shoots will appear withing a couple of weeks and not grow much at all. But next year they will shoot away earlier than you think. As a belt and braces approach I will start some in November/17.. February/18. One more point I am talking about planting directly in the ground, not indoors. They will sit under snow as happy as can be. The February ones will be started in module trays in the polytunnel, literally sat on the surface of the trays filled with compost. Within 2/3 weeks they will be ready to plant out.

Didly ... funnily enough I have yet to have a bad year with onions...this is approx half of this years crop.[/IMG]
Dont mention beans or apples though, disasters on both I'm afaraid.

One more point once onions are in the ground, they do not need watering after being watered in for the first time .. If you start them indoors keep the compost damp .. not wet and get them in the ground as soon as possible!
( we are on the South East coast)

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Can I Regrow Small Onions Next Year?

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