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jennyjoan | 21:57 Sun 27th Aug 2017 | Home & Garden
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Well well well - I hope Builder can advise me.

Some years ago I dropped a glass into my toilet bowl and smashed it. Nephew replaced toilet - you are talking about 3 years ago - however, he, me, other plumbers etc etc could never could get a toilet seat for it. It always fell off.

I myself realised that nephew put me a very old toilet in with the result new, uptodate etc toilet seats will not stay on.

I paid about £50 to different plumbers to get a toilet seat on and every single one of them have fell off.

Hurray I said to myself since last last Friday my Polish guy spent about 2 hours putting the toilet seat on. I was so happy. But I wasn't impressed as I knew how hard it was for him.

Tonight I sat on it for about 3rd time from Friday and it too fell off.

Without going into it all - I know or think that when my nephew put the "new" toilet in - it was extremtly old and so the new toilet seats wouldn't felt.

Tonight after sitting so comfortably from Friday from Polish guy - seat has finally fell off.

Not in a million years do I believe my Polish FAULT - no way.

But can I say - when nephew put the old toilet in - perhaps 20 years old - the new toilet seat covers don't do the job.

Would any of you agree - it is time for a new toilet inorder to get to get the cover.

For the first time I think I am talking ok - but to put the new toilet in - who will I get. Thanks all.


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thanks Builder - - nail fell out today of one side but screwed it and so far it is holding.
Regarding the German style toilets and skid marks on the shelf, many people place loo roll on the ledge before use! In a restaurant we used to go to in Germany their toilets had self cleaning seats that rotated into a cleaning chamber after every use.
'A nail' .. no wonder your seat is falling off.
as long as they don't do it during use, zebo
My shop toilet is antique high level & ebay trendy seats all fit.

Maybe tightening of screws would help you.
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