Is A Radiator Necessary In An Walk In Wardrobe ?

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CW1 | 15:06 Sun 06th Aug 2017 | Home & Garden
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Am changing my ensuite to a walk in wardrobe so the towel rail in there will need to come out. My neighbour's walk in wardrobe had a small radiator fitted as standard & he tells me it's a good idea to have one. Is it ?

It's quite small (though bigger than my neighbour's) & imagine would heat ok if I leave the door to the bedroom open. I'll probably have the window open slightly all the time, & won't be using it as a dressing room. Good idea or not ?



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Maybe best to have a small one, saves regret in the future ,
Can I assume the towel rail is a heated one...then I imagine it would be easy to have a small radiator.
I agree with Anne,you might ,at a later date,wish you had.Plus I think it will keep your clothes from getting a dampish feeling in winter time...depends on the surrounding walls....go for it,have it done.
If the towel rail is not electric but run by your central heating..that is.
// I'll probably have the window open slightly all the time // - check that that doesn't invalidate ypurhouse insurance, however small the window is.
I think there is a risk of damp getting in your clothes if you have no heating at all in the room.
My guess would be that it'd depend on what your walls were lined with. External walls could get cold. Normally it's airing cupboards that have a heat source.
a radiator will assist with air circulation.
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Towel rail is part of the central heating, & I've usually got all windows open but locked. Don't know what the walls are lined with as it's a park home, whatever it is it'd be thin but, apparently, it does get pretty warm in winter. I don't have an airing cupboard.

Mmm, may have to reconsider. Shame, could've used the extra space for even more storage ! ;)
Fit one ...if you have one you can always turn it off ..if you dont have one you cant turn it on....:-)
If its a park home, deffo have a radiator

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Is A Radiator Necessary In An Walk In Wardrobe ?

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