wallpapering / plastering over ancient anyglpta

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banjowizard | 20:23 Sat 22nd Oct 2005 | Home & Garden
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Is it possible to put liner paper sraight on to ancient anyglpta that has 20 years worth of paint on it?

i stripped all of the Anyglypta off the other room and most of the plaster went with it......i don't want to go through this again if possible!

Otherwise is there any way of plastering over this awful stuff?

Many thanks,



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I really wouldn't try putting lining paper over anaglypta as you will still get a bumpy surface and it could be a real nightmare.  As for plastering over it, I'm not sure that it would be a sound enough surface.  I'm not an actual decorator, but have lived in a victorian house with 150 years worth of paint and paper on that horrible lath and plaster system.  It is a nightmare, but if you do strip the walls and get a replaster, you will never have to do it again, you will simply be able to paint.  It could be a false economy of time and money to try and cover it with something that might not work.  Sorry I can't help more.  A replaster would definately look way better though.

It is possible to lose the irregularities of anaglypta by counter-lining with lining paper, that is line it once horizontally then line it again vertically. However the success depends entirely upon how well the anaglypta is adhering to the wall. To plaster without removing the anaglypta requires the walls to be covered with expanded metal lathing (XML) well fixed through to the existing wall and then plaster applied to this - skirtings and architraves will probably have to be brought forward and details around windows thought out. Or you could dry line with plasterboard fixed as for XML again adjusting skirtings etc and decorate direct onto this.
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Thankyou for your help,

I ended up putting two layers of liner paper over the anyglpta and it looks pretty good. I have given the liner paper two coats of emulsion and i havent experienced any lifting, I think that the previous wallpaper had about five layers of paint on it helped!

Managed to do the whole room for about a hundred quid.Its not perfect, but it will certainly make do for now!

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wallpapering / plastering over ancient anyglpta

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