Killing Dandelions On Lawn

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Stayahead | 07:56 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | Home & Garden
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I would welcome advice on the following please. My lawn is overwhelmed with dandelions primarily caused by an adjoining council grass verge which spawns these things. What would be the easiest and quickest way of killing them? Many thanks.


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Dont kill them. Leave them for the bees.
Give nature a chance,.
I'd also advise leaving them for the bees.

However, if you're determined to get rid of them, here's what the Royal Horticultural Society has to say on the matter:
The bees have plenty on the verge to keep them buzzing around.
That reminds me, I need to put lawn weed killer / grass feed on my meadow.
dig them up .use the blade of a knife and prise them out..the hole will grass not trust weedkillers that say ..kills weeds not grass....they do !!
you could use a weed and feed , but expect your lawn to turn will kill weed and kill moss etc and grass will recover colour in time....better option than spot killers that profess miracle cure with no lawn damage
Weedkillers are evil. We never used to use them so much as now and we had a lot more wildlife,insects in the gardens then.
do not trust weedkillers that say ..kills weeds not grass....they do

So true, minty. Leaves the lawn looking like the surface of the moon for about a square metre. Best done by hand, especially if your lawn's a bit damp, that'll make it easier to pull them out (much more difficult in the middle of summer when the soil dries out).
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Thanks to everyone with a practical suggestion. As for the bees, as the Old _Geezer says they are having a great time on the verge. The Horticultural Society comments are far too general. Is there someone out there with experience, using methods which have been successful,
including mention of specific weed killers. Thanks
westlands weed and feed..but as above !
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Thanks to Dave and Murraymints. However, if the manufacturers claim the lawn will not be affected but it is, why have they not been taken to task for misleading the purchaser?
I have one of those weed pullers in the shed. Took me a while to work out why it wasn't working. Had never occurred to me that one had to stand on the back end pushing it into the lawn as you pulled back on the handle, in order for the front end to raise up with the weed. It works but you are still putting effort into each weed, and hoping the indentations prove temporary.
Weedol Weedkiller will take care Of Dandelions,Daisies and Clover in one treatment, and will not harm the grass. Get a garden sprayer (hozelock are the best diy ones) and dilute to the instructions on the bottle - weeds will die off in a day or two and give your lawn a bit of fertiliser after a week to help the grass recover.
I had this problem. I had a golden host of dandelions on my lawn. Got a company (national franchise I think) to come and deal with it. Costs £15 each season, but after twelve months I'm dandelion free (on the lawn at least; they won't touch beds). To do it manually, you really do have to patiently keep digging at each individual plant to get to the root. I did that on the beds and it's a long, painful process, but worth it next year.
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Thanks to Woodchopper and over the top for their answers. I have now narrowed down the possibilities

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Killing Dandelions On Lawn

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