Baffled By Bosch Classixx Condenser Drier

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lacmag3 | 21:13 Tue 14th Mar 2017 | Home & Garden
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I don't think I'm entirely stupid but I'm struggling to get my head around our new Bosch Classixx Condenser Drier. All I want to do, typically, is run clothes for a period of time, check if they're done (continue if necessary) and finish off with a cooling air period. I find the machine baffling - has anyone else cracked it?


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Ok, so it's a 'dryer' not a 'drier'. I spotted the mistake myself so I'm still holding onto my declaration that I'm not entirely stupid.
What is it telling you that you find baffling, Lacmag?
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Where to start? It's now over an hour since I put it on the "Time Program Warm - 20 mins". Ok, it ran for 20 mins and stopped but I didn't bother opening the door when finished. Left alone after the 20 mins is up it does a short tumble every 5 minutes or so. Why? When will it ever stop doing this (unless I opening the door or press the Stop button). Baffling and the manual is useless.
I suspect the everlasting tumble cycle is designed to stop your clothes ending up creased.
Isn't it supposed to do just that....until you open it? Stops things getting creased...just like washing machines do after spinning....they stop, but keep the clothes moving every so often.
Take the clothes out when it's done the twenty minutes, otherwise it keeps going. I have a Miele dryer that does that. Just take them out. They will be dry.
I think this may be the one we have, but I try not to use it too often as I prefer to hang the washing out. I think it does 'stop-start' until the clothes are deemed dry enough. If you stood over the machine you would probably find it wasn't on for all that 20 minutes. You could try the 40 minute cycle too. Sometimes the clothes come out dry but sometimes I need to have it on for nearly 2 hours. Still haven't really mastered it.
It's amazing how often you need to empty the water tray and empty the fluff filter.
....lacmag, you say you are baffled by it....must say, I'm baffled why you didn't take the clothes out at the end of the selected time!
I'd go by what the others said- maybe it is just to stop creasing, but I do think it does like to 'stop-start' , maybe while it assesses how dry everything is and make sure it doesn't overheat the clothes
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Thanks everyone. I realise now that that periodic tumble may be to stop subsequent creasing. No mention of this in the manual however.

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Baffled By Bosch Classixx Condenser Drier

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