Help! Unknown Red Stains On New Carpet

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Smowball | 14:19 Fri 03rd Feb 2017 | Home & Garden
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We've got a new deep pile bedroom carpet. I've just gone upstairs to put something in bedroom and there is a pinky red stain about two inches wide and several smaller ones. They definitely weren't there when I went out this morning and left Mr Smow in bed. It can only be him that split something but he swears blind he hasn't so I don't know what on earth it is. It's not blood though. There's even the same small stain outside his office door and I've not been in there.
My question is how do I try and treat it when I don't know what it is??


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This might help. Lots of help if you googleunknown stain on carpet
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Omg it's not budging. I've followed Margos link and done what it says. Even when blotting with damp cloth absolutely none of it is coming onto the cloth.
Have you checked his feet?
Red wine, cut himself shaving ?
dismembered body in the study?
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It was ME!! But I still don't know what it is
Sounds like he may have a small cut on his feet, without his knowing.....I would check that first as does sound like blood spill of some kind.

As suggested by Anne, maybe split some red wine or cranberry juice?

Isn't there something called Vanish that's available in supermarkets etc that may deal with stains?
Ok, Snowy.....Spill the beans....Who did you top? :-)

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Nope I have to plead guilty but I honestly didn't know it was me (sorry mr Smow). I went to collect my car from garage this morning and then came upstairs to change into my painting gear. I'm scrubbing the stains and I just happened to spot my plimsolls that I'd just taken off and there is a circle of red whatever imbedded in a small area of the tread. It looks and feels like soft wax or lipstick but doesn't come off on my finger when I touch it

Just in case this is what you're really asking...
Aha....So it's something on your plimsolls thats red and my bet is you brought it in the house from your garage....So I would go in the garage and see if anything split on the floor in there.....Could be paint, candlewax, red or orange swarfega, ..Once you identify what it is...Then I would go to a ironmongers or a B&Q and ask in store what they've got that might take stains out. See how that goes, Snowy :-)
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Not my garage - the garage that's just repaired my car. Have given a grovelling apology to Mr Smow but he's having none of it. So I'm being frostily ignored as well as trying to get these blinking stains out!! Is it too early for wine??
It's never too early...
not red wine tho
Ooops....Yep, I would pour one if I were you, and try and make it up to Mr Snowy ladies can be crafty sometimes. :-)

Bar that, you could ring up the car garage and ask them what they think is red and split over their floor....they will ectstatic to help! guess is Red anti-freeze/ coolant or oil.....maybe transmission fluid, power steering fluid and so on....

Msybe, in time, it will fade.....and I would clean the underneath of your plimsolls, Snowy....before you do more damage to your x
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Lol you're all naughty! I have left carpet to dry now so shall see what it looks like later on. As for Mr Smow - well I did say sorry! And I'd even prepared one of his favourite dinners first thing this morning....

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Help! Unknown Red Stains On New Carpet

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