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malana3 | 19:07 Wed 05th Oct 2016 | Home & Garden
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I need to purchase a lightweight, folding, electric wheelchair for my wife and have been made aware of the Wheelchair 88, Model No PW-999UL. These are imported from America so we would like to view one "in the flesh" before placing an order. Is there an ABer with such a wheelchair within a 45mile radius of Cambridge who would allow us to visit and give us a demonstration?
Many thanks for any response.


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They are made in Malaysia not the USA !
Amazon UK has one PW999UL available
Here is the home page
Headquarters is Malaysia as I said, only a service center in the USA
They have an email 'live chat' center and ship worldwide
Also, is this the model malana?
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Thank you all for your responses, I now know more about this product but I do still feel that my wife needs to try out its use before we place an order.
Your interest is much appreciated.
You're welcome, hope your wife gets sorted .malana.

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Folding Electric Wheelchair

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