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firewatch | 13:35 Sat 24th Sep 2016 | Home & Garden
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We moved house 3 weeks ago to somewhere close to a main road. The road noise is constant and quite loud at times (rush hour etc) , i have heavy duty damask curtains up in the master bedroom but need to reduce the noise more as hubby works nights and needs to sleep during the day.

Any ideas on how we can reduce it further - cheaply ??


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The usual way to cut down noise is to fit secondary double-glazing...with a large gap (at least 10 cm, that's 4 in.) between the existing windows and the new ones.

Long time ago now, we had a similar problem. already had double glazing so we fitted a secondary DG panel in the inside edge of the window recess, giving about a 6-7 inch gap to the original DG window, worked a treat and not that expensive.
Do you have double glazing? If not then getting it is the answer.
Otherwise a set of ear plugs.
We live just 25 yds from a main rail line, when we first moved in the noise was really noticeable. Now we are used to it and just don't hear it any longer it is still there but we unconsciously block it out. The same will happen to the road noise , in 6 months you will not notice it.
You WILL get used to it, to the point where it will be strange if you stay in a house with no road noise. My wife lived on a main road before we were married and had difficulty getting used to the quiet where we first lived.
....just a thought....could he sleep at the back of the house, in the short-term?
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Thank you :) we have double glazing (private renting so limited on we can and cannot do).

I was thinking of getting some sound proof board and make up frames for the window.

To be honest i really dont notice the noise the odd lorry or bike but thats it, hubby though notices it more. We used to live by a railway station and didnt notice the noise after a while think we will just have to see how it goes :)
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yes we could gingejbee as thats our spare room but we have two large dog crates to fit in with us as well as the bed. would blackout lined curtains work?
long time no see firewatch! I dont think blackouts will be any better to be honest
You could look at my reply to Chrissa in Home & Garden, firewatch.

Or....... Better still for a bedroom ... Soundproof shutters.

Both ideas are probably far too expensive for a rental though, I'm afraid.
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hello there Bednobs! yes sorry been out of touch life moved on and then i remembered this amazing knowledge repository for a broken tumble dryer!! hmmm sound proof shutters sound like a good idea but probably out of our budget/feasability in a rental home :/
firewatch the cheapest option is to get him to wear Boots Muffles Wax Earplugs. Because you soften them with your fingers before inserting into the ear, they shape to your ear and are not uncomfortable. If he can still hear anything then he hasn't got them in properly. And if he moans tell him he'll soon get used to them;-))

Good luck.
Or find a tape of soothing restful music and play it to mask the road noise.
But you do get used to noise, when we have visitors and a large heavy goods train goes past they ask how we can stand the noise, but we ask 'what noise?'
I bought a pair of noise reducing curtains from House of Bath. They work quite well, cutting noise level down
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We might try the ear plugs well one of us will (someones got to keep an ear out for the kids).

Noise reduction curtains might be worth a try as well we will have to see he probably wont notice it by christmas!!
Funny thing is firewatch, if/when you move, he won't be able to get to sleep because he'll miss the road noise and it'll be too quiet. Take it from one who knows:-)

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