Wild Strawberry Rampage

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chokkie | 10:03 Sun 19th Jun 2016 | Home & Garden
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Hi AB gardeners out there. "wild" strawberry plants/runners from my next door neighbour's garden are running wild through ours, virtually swamping everything in its wake. They are pretty enough, but somehow or other, enough's enough really. Is there anything I can do about it. We've got some lovely small shrubs in our "raised bed", but these strawberry plants are completely obliterating them ... any suggestions, folks?


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Plant them somewhere else - or given them to your neighbours.

Yes replant or pull them up - I have a whole bed of them, nothing equates to the taste of wild strawberries, they are heavenly. This assumes they are actually wild strawberries rather than just runners from normal plants?
Put them on ebay.....I want some
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They are probably runners from normal plants - the neighbours had some kind of raised bed a few years ago. But even if I pull them up, won't they just keep producing runners? Is there nothing I can put on them to dissuade them from growing and growing and growing .... something, of course, that won't kill all the plants in my garden ....
Dont kill them = sacrilege! Runners will grow plantlets. Check ebay prices; they are a goldmine for you.
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I think I will just pull 'em up, but will let them fruit first - at least we can have something for nothing from the neighbours! Cheers, chox.
As tasty as they are Tambourine, they are incredibly invasive. They just send runners out in all directions a if not controlled, they will take over. They can also be *** to pull out.

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Wild Strawberry Rampage

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