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Bulbarra | 15:30 Sat 12th Mar 2016 | Home & Garden
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I need to replace my fuse box, which was installed when the house was built in 1972, with a more up-to-date box. It is located on the side wall of my property inside a shallow box. My question is - how much should I be expected to pay?, as being an elderly widow I don't wish to be taken advantage of. This might sound silly, but I realise in the past I may have paid too much for some services.

I live on the border between Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, which might reflect on the price. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Is it just the fuse box? Our house is the same age and last year we had to have the whole house including the fuse box rewired as the original wiring was out of date. Fuse box's have been replaced by 'consumer units ' now. These trip the electricity if there is a problem with the wiring , they are a lot safer than the old fuse box.
Consumer units are from £20 to over £200 . It is normal now to have them inside the house, I am not sure from your post if you mean the fuse box is outside the house. If it is outside I think you might need it moving to the inside of the house , but I am sure someone who knows better than me will see this soon.
Adding to Eddie's posts ................. assuming the box is inside (maybe the meter is outside) ....... then allow around £300 for a straight swap.

It may even be cheaper if there are only a few circuits. Cost may rise though if the surround has to be discarded because it's too small for the Consumer Unit.

Also..... 1972 wiring may well be perfectly Ok, but if the system hasn't been tested for 10 years, then it really should be done at the same time. This might add around £120 to the bill, but it will depend on whether he comes across any "horrors" that need amending.
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Many thanks Eddie and The Builder. I'm beginning to find all these problems quite horrifying. One thing after another. The box plus meter are outside, so shall have to wait and see. Once again thanks for your input.
Many of the new distribution boards are a fair bit bigger than the old ones and will not fit within the white service boxes.Is the external box on a wall backing onto an area where the new DB could be located i.e a garage or hallway.Anyway, back to your question...a straight board swap as TB says is around £300 +vat but factor in possible earth bonding to your main services e.g.water supply...gas supply or oil supply and keep you fingers crossed that there are earths on your lighting and no faults within the system.Generally if the system is almost as installed we find no faults ...however if its been added to badly over the years expect to pay additional costs. Make sure you use a registered contractor and check him out on the relevant website.Make sure you get a completion certificate and confirmation from local building control.If he tries to sidestep the certification tell him to go away.If you need any more info please ask on this site..i'm sure one of us will be about to help.
Do not just take the first quote. Get 3 quotes so you have a better idea what is needed and cost. It should not happen but some people will take advantage of an elderly person and offer quotes that are for a lot more than the job should cost. (as you seem to have discovered)

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Electric Fuse Box

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