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skyplus | 08:57 Thu 10th Mar 2016 | Home & Garden
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There is a tree growing in the lane beside my house, the leaves of which cause a lot of problems for me. Apart from cutting down the tree, how can I stop this tree from bearing leaves in future.

Any help appreciated


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Who owns the tree? if it causes problem knock a few copper nail's in it.
How can leaves cause a problem?
B00...they clog up guttering, drains, can become very slippy....stuff like that.
Ahhh right, didnt think of that.

Still does seem a shame to want to kill off a tree- however as I don't have any problems with one, I can't really discourage someone who does.
Have you checked if it belongs to anybody? Eg the council?
It is most likely to be a case of " just put up with it" unless you own the tree.
Does the tree have a protection order on it?

how big is the tree?

what type of tree is it?

What problems is it causing?

jno, "Have you checked if it belongs to anybody? Eg the council?"

Surely, all trees belong to somebody!
you could be in trouble for killing a tree not on your own property
Maybe, Ratter, but I don't know what happens with trees on unadapted lanes, for instance.
If the tree is growing in the lane it is the responsibility of your local Highways Dept. If you explain the problem they will come and look at it. It's unlikely they will respond to a request for a reduction of the tree but you can try. They may agree to a reduction at your expense.
This may seem a little harsh, but surely the tree was there when you bought the house, you know that a lot of trees are deciduous, so you should have realised you would get leaves on your property. Bit late to moan about it now.
Similar to 'new' country folk wanting the village church clock to be silenced from chiming after 400 years because it is disturbing their sleep.
Move house.
Exactly Hopkirk!
"How can I stop the tree from bearing leaves in future"

Whaaaat? Do you know how nature and growing and trees work?

Unless the tree has a TPO order you are allowed to cut back any overhang of your property up to the boundary. You can appeal to the good nature of the tree owner and ask them to try to solve the problem.

However if it is just a fact that the leaves are a bit of a pain to clear up and you feel you shouldn't have to etc you have limited recourse.

If it is owned by highways or such like you could point out the cost effectiveness of getting rid of the tree as opposed to constant pruning
Phone your local authority and ask to speak to a tree officer,arrange a site visit for an assessment of the tree and the issues you have with it.
Odiously trees need their leaves to live and produce oxygen etc, but with the right pruning regime, it may be possible (depending on species) to reduce this.
Some trees can have invasive roots that can damage foundations, if grown in close proximity to a building.
Trying to kill it yourself can lead to further problems, falling branches etc.
As I say, get in touch with your local tree officer, who should be able to give you a visual assessment and offer advice and also determine who has the responsibility and safety for the tree.
Beware what you ask for,when I first moved in here I was always moaning about the next door neighbours Japanese Cherry tree which was always shedding blossom,leaves and berries into my crystal clear pond. Along came a new neighbour who promptly cut down the tree to make way for some decking putying my pond into direct sunlight and it took me ages to get it clear again.
Adapt to living in such close proximity to nature. City-dwellers might envy your house and surroundings. Relish the changing seasons. Start seeing these leaf-problems as entertaining quirks. Have hours of fun with the leaf blower (c/o Khandro) or use leaf-raking as part of your keep fit routine.

Or… call the US Air Force and request an annual drop of Agent Orange (approved for veterans but may harm pets and wildlife and cause birth defects).

If everyone wanted to stop trees from making leaves,we'd live in a very brutal looking landscape.
Maybe hire a boy or girl to clean up the leaves?

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