Affected Hotpoint Tumble Dryer...what Would You Do Honestly ?

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Lisa_Louise | 15:08 Wed 10th Feb 2016 | Home & Garden
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We have one of the affected Tumble dryers that have been causing fires in homes across the country. This has kind of scared me a little. We bought ours in November 2014 and haven't had a problem with it. I always clean out the filter pocket after every drying session, empty the water container, and I wash out the condenser unit once every month or two. It wasn't a cheap model (Hotpoint Ultima TCUD97B6PM 9kg).

We've been contacted to say that an engineer would be out to us in April. But we have also been offered an inferior model to ours for an extra £99!! We are not sure to take them up on that offer bearing in mind we haven't had a single problem with this one but I'm in two minds, it's the 'what if....' That is bothering me and 'why fix what's not broken?!'

Has anyone else accepted the new model (Hotpoint TDWSF83BEP 8kg condenser - which I can't find on the internet except If so, is it a good machine?

How do we know there isn't a problem with this model and we are jumping from the pan and into the fire as to say?

Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this has been posted already (I couldn't find anything on here)


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UPDATE: As this is still rumbling on the TV (This Morning show) I decided to contact Hotpoint on Facebook. I am supposed to get a modification one on my machine this month but hadn't heard a thing from them, plus I have moved address! (Didn't want them to have any excuse not to do this!)
Within a couple of hours they contacted me asking me to message them the details of my machine and my new address. So I messaged them and I received a reply within an hour. I have a modification booked for this Tuesday (26th April).. Time slot beween 7.30am and 6pm!.... Will update again!

I took delivery of one of these in February but as the installers left, they handed me an "Errata Corrige" sheet stating you need 15mm clearance either side of the machine & 10mm above it. If it is to be fitted in a standard 600mm kitchen base unit gap it is an EXTREMELY tight fit - in fact the installers said several times "it isn't going to fit” as they heaved it into position.

The Health & Safety leaflet they also handed me on departure stated you need an 8 x 24 cm grille cut in the work surface above it - as if!

It also states the dryer should be unplugged when not in use. My plug is below the work surface behind the dryer so there's no way I can pull it out every time I want to use it!

Also I cannot find a serial number on mine anywhere. I've been told it's on the back of the dryer (really stupid place to put it!) but as I can't get it out, I'll never be able to check if these are also affected by the safety recall.

These are apparently Whirlpool dryers which they've re-badged as Hotpoint. I'm advised by an independent retailer that Whirlpool dryers are better & more expensive to buy than Hotpoint, but spares are more expensive. I'm not happy with the safety issue so am negotiating to get it changed again. I suggest you contact the CEO's office & ask for an exchange of your choice if this doesn't suit you. That said, it is quite a nice dryer although it doesn't have the end of cycle buzzer stated on the Hotpoint website & I haven't used it extensively. I also like the option to be able to set the time manually instead of using the sensor programme if I want to.
Hi I am Totally over the Hotpoint customer service interface.
Spending 2.5 hours of my life being passed around to different departments then hung up on twice getting nowhere.
After cooling down a week later if found this page.
My effected unit was registered on Sat, Feb 13 at 7:52 PM provided the following information:

Serial number 407184012
Purchase year 2014

This machine is cleaned after every use. BUT it’s collecting fluff in areas that can't be accessed but is visible to the eye.
The filter is inadequate for the job.
I spent 384 pounds on this unit' and for me is not fit for its purpose.
The offer of and engineer that my come in December when nearly over a year since the issue was razed is ridiculous.!
And the fact that you have to be home when ever the machine is in use is massively inconvenient.

The condenser units on offered, as a replacement at an extra cost of 99 pounds seems a bit of a slap in the face especially as there in nothing PRP matching the unit I purchased with a 9kg capacity.

And after reading majority of negative revues of the offered replacements I do not now what to do...! Lumbered with a fire risk - no one to talk to about the issue at HOTPOINT.

Cheers David

Just wondering how anyone is getting on with either their modification or replacement machine. I have an affected Indesit dryer I bought during the summer of 2015. August? In April 2016 I was told they would be in contact within 10 weeks to offer a modification. Now, 6 months later, I have finally been contacted by them to offer a modification or new machine for either £99 or £59 depending on the model I choose. I'm not sure what to do - the replacement machine I'd pick has always been out of stock and I don't feel I should have to pay £99 on top of a machine which was less than a year old when I was notified of the fault. Any updates welcomed.
I have an 8 year old CDT40 - cracking machine. It's one of the affected ones. Been offered a TDWSF83BEP (like you, can't find anything regarding this apart from a few bad reviews), but we've also been offered a IDCE8450BH - which to me seems a better choice. Seems to still be selling, and with great reviews. The issue is a slight design flaw that Whirlpool have noticed when they took over Hotpoint. As long as you keep your dust filters clean you should be safe anyway as the issue seems to be idiots not cleaning the filters.

Personally, the way I'm looking at it is my current machine is old. Even after their "mod", stuff will start to go wrong with it. For £99 I get a new machine, which will "hopefully" last as long. That to me is a bargain. It's cheaper than a single repair cost should anything go wrong, and it's a brand new modern up to date, more efficient machine.
waltzingmatilda5 - The difference in price £59 is for a vented machine, and £99 is for a condenser, so you need to You should get a selection though of a couple to choose from in that category.

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Affected Hotpoint Tumble Dryer...what Would You Do Honestly ?

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