Are All The Northern Contingency Safe And Dry?

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Mosaic | 12:59 Sun 27th Dec 2015 | Home & Garden
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Hope all ABers and their families are safe and dry after the last few shocking days. Still more to come apparently, so sandbags at the ready. On a cheery note, keep a look out for the first hosepipe ban.


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We're mok here in Oldham, thanks ;)

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should read ok, obviously ;)

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I think mok should be a new word! Glad Oldham was spared, looks like little Radcliffe had a bad night, but nothing compared to many others. Never seen so much water unless at sea.
All safe here as long as I stay off the grass in the garden, it looks like a may sink into quagmire!

Im just a little worried that my living willow fence that I just planted may rot in the ground with so much water sitting, Willow is fairly well suited to wet ground I know, but not sure how well whips will cope.

I have been out cutting hedges today though, reducing from 8ft to about 5ft, then I got rained off again.
Tis truly shocking, Mosaic:(

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I think the rain might be just what the willow whips needed Ratter - time will tell.
We were fine but not so lucky in other parts of town
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here's our park, normally a small river about 20 ft across maximum and easily waded (if you avoid the shopping trolleys)
Thankfully I got the willow fence up just in time to confine the hounds to the patio areas, so they can wander in and out as they wish without treading mud in all over the house.
Well fancy that mosaic - you living in that part of the country. Maybe I've seen you in the Cross Keys in the distant past lol!
I and my family have escaped unscathed, though water levels outside my home did rise alarmingly - the borough has been affected in many areas and some rail links are closed due to landslip.
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Good show everyone. I've got candles, blankets and sandbags if needed, and spare beds on the first floor. We're on a hilltop so if it gets us we're all doomed, doomed I tell ye...
So come one come all and if you have a sleeping bag I've got a dry floor.
What a dreadful time some people are having. It's awful.
Mainly flash flooding in Manc as far as I could see

I went down to the Law Courts - the basin is around ten or twenty feet deep and the level is normal with crowds ( mok some people ) pointing out where the water could have been

A manc pointed out that since the city was built there because it was wet and rained a lot it was likely the drains worked ....
and I said as a southerner - oo yeah didnt think of that ....
I'm ok in my part of Manchester, thankfully. The river was very high in Shrewsbury as I went through this morning. Rather arduous train journey home (no fault of the flooding mind) but here safe and warm and grateful for that.

Such an awful thing to happen to people.
yeah Boo that pub built over the river Summerseat with its guts ripped out now.
It must have been a mill at some time surely ?
I see from the local news there is now a "beach" by the Lowry (Hotel, not the up the Quays) from the flooding in that part of the city centre.

Lucky that the river is so far down really else it could have been much worse. The poor Mark Addy pub will take a bit of recovering though.
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I'm guessing PP that the Summerseat buildings grew up around Robert Peel II's water powered cotton mill but all much changed after the family flogged the lot off in the 1850s, having moved on to better things.
I'm interested that everyone was mok in Manc....wonder how Warrington did as that's where the Irwell offloads into the Ship Canal.
Eve - I shudder to think what kind of 'sand' that beach has.....shan't be making sandcastles....
But I wouldn't miss the Mark Addy pub, even with the pollution much reduced it took a leap of imagination to enjoy sitting at water level next to the combined waters of the Irk and Irwell.
In today's Daily Mail it says the collapsed pub mentioned above was not insured. It was closed for refurbishment and was shortly due to reopen. It quotes the owner as saying it's cost him £2 Million.

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Are All The Northern Contingency Safe And Dry?

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