Recommended House Cleaners In Essex

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Lisa_Louise | 19:40 Sun 20th Dec 2015 | Home & Garden
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I am looking for a recommended house cleaning company, does the job well for a reasonable price, in Essex (Romford area ideally)



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I wish you luck with this, I too, live in the Romford area and have been looking for quite a while. Might be easier to tell you who NOT to try!

I started off with Busybees, the girl who came had a quick dust & Hoover then spent the rest of the 2 hours I was paying her for rearranging my bottles in the bathroom and talking on her phone as my house was 'pretty immaculate' anyway she said.

Next I tried Gleamteam who were OK but tried to get away with as little as they could, didn't go into any nooks and crannies if you know what I mean, they could do behind the sofa or chairs as they were not insured!

Thought I would next try Mollymaid as they profess to be the best. Same again with them, only did what you could see, not very thourough, ended up with them sending just 1 lady (they started off with 2) who would finish in just over an hour and still charge me £50!

I'm still looking so if you find someone good let me know! Maybe I'm just too fussy but when im paying £50 for just over an hours work I expect them to be good!
Sorry should have read 'could NOT' move sofas.
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Thanks for your reply Millie!

Hmm doesn't sound good! I have two of yours on my recommended list!

My one would be a one-off, kind of a end of tenancy clean, there would be no furniture or personal belongings in the house, so they couldn't get away with saying they couldn't do the job properly as there is nothing to move!

I too expect it to be hygienically clean and spotless for that price!

I have seen another... Maid2clean, might try them
You will probably be fine with a one off clean, as there's nothing there they have no excuses. Also I found that the 1st one or two cleans were fine but standards slipped over time.

Also I think it also depends on the individual cleaner, to be fair, the replacement cleaner I had from Mollymaid when my regular cleaner was on holiday was much better.

Glad you posted Lisa. I live in Romford, and will keep this in mind if I ever need help!

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Recommended House Cleaners In Essex

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