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iloveglee | 17:07 Sun 13th Dec 2015 | Home & Garden
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I have a real dilemma and would really appreciate insights from you useful people out there. my central heating (baxi combi) boiler needs a very expensive repair, and its probably not worth spending so much on it. its almost 7 years old, which is actually no age for a boiler in my opinion, but of course is 2 years out of guarantee!! I am looking at a bill of about 2000 for a new boiler and I cannot convince myself that I actually want another combi boiler, and am considering returning to a conventional one. space for the tanks is not an issue as I have plenty of it, and I accept it would probably be more expensive to fit a conventional boiler than replace the combi. I also accept the benefits, i.e. constant hot water, and probably (but not definitely) reduced bills. having constant hot water is not such an issue as there are only two of us, and as long as I have enough water for a bath once a day, plus the usual hot water usage during the day, I am happy. what do other people think about the comparison between the two types. it seems to me that combi boilers are much more prone to going wrong, but that just might be a personal opinion and not necessarily correct. I don't know anyone though, that has had a combi boiler that has lasted as long as a conventional one. the one we have is still running, but could break down permanently any time. on the other hand it could keep going as it is for a while. I am ok to carry on with it until it does break down because I simply cant come to a decision about how to proceed. as well, there seems to be so many different opinions about which is the best brand to get.


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I have a conventional boiler and I'd swap it for a combi tomorrow if I could.

With conventional you always have to think 30 mins ahead and if you're getting ready to go out two people can't have a bath one after another.

Stick with combi...
I hated my combi boiler with a passion. Same problem Ummmm, you daren't fill the kettle whilst someone was in the shower. We've just had unvented system put in and I'm so impressed, but, it's frigging expensive, probably not viable if you live on your own.
I've just had a new Worcester Bosch combi fitted and I would never go back to conventional boiler. The only problem with the new system is you need a degree in electronics to understand the timer/thermostat :-(
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Hmmm - seems as though for everyone who loves a combi, another person hates them. looking at the work required to replace cold water tanks in the loft, pipe them, replace a hot water cylinder, and put in a new boiler, this could come out very expensive. so, if looking to replace a combi - which one. there are so many to choose from. the which guide brings out worcester bosch as the best although they are pricey to repair. vaillant actually come out best from the point of view of heating engineers. but among those makes only there are dozens of boilers all with different specs and goodness knows where to go. the man who does our gas always, ex gas board fitter, personally had a worcester bosch and want impressed with it. he has an ideal logic+ and has suggested one of those, but in the which guide, ideal don't come out well at all. frankly it makes you want to go back to the old days of an immersion and coal fire!! you new where you were with those.
Less of the old days, I still exist on immersion and coal fire.
I used to work for a plumber/gas engineer and he'd recommend Worcester Bosch every time.
Well get in quick because according to the Paris agreement the use of gas cookers, fires and boilers will be phased out within the next 15 years
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wonder what we'll use when gas cookers, boilers etc. are phased out. back to coal then. oh no can't, all the mines are shut. regarding worcester bosch, they do seem to come well recommended. i am going to have to give this some serious thought i can see.

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