Welcome Home, Thwe Front Door's Leaked Comprehensively

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Mosaic | 17:51 Mon 30th Nov 2015 | Home & Garden
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so as a perfect end to a wonderful day I can paddle in the hall and the living room carpet's soggy.
This door was installed by a 'reputable local installer of high quality upvc situated in the Ribble Valley' in 2003. I've had them back 2 years ago to release the water (pints of it) out of the actual door itself. Naturally it's now out of its 10-year guarantee.
I expect I can claim on the insurance.
I'd rather just fix the sodden thing and get on with my life. So which sealant? Or sandbags?
I get really annoyed about these claims of quality when I might have just have gone to 'yer buy one - yer get one free - I said yer-buy one...'


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Without seeing the door it is impossible to diagnose, but I would have a look at the drain holes. Open the door and the bottom of the frame see if the section is full of wet dust or 'muck'. On the outside of the frame there should be little drain holes that might be clogged. Poke out the holes and remove any bits. Any leaks around the frame should drain down to that point Normally leaks there are slight so if you have paddling quantities you have a leak elsewhere and a builder sounds a more likely starting point.

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Welcome Home, Thwe Front Door's Leaked Comprehensively

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