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clairelb | 13:45 Thu 22nd Sep 2005 | Home & Garden
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 Do any of you know of any simple ways to reduce the smell of paint - e.g. placing an onion in the room?  We’re having the whole house decorated and whilst we’ve tried to use low odour paint as much as possible, there have been a few tins that seemed to have slipped through the net and it stinks.  Made me feel quite ill last night.  Windows are wide open by the way.

Thank you.


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I've got no direct answer here (possibly because I rather like the smell of paint!) but there's current discussion going on about this topic on CureZone. Check this link - responses to the original question are obtained by clicking on the links under the grey box:

Hoping this helps,

I would try to sleap in another room than the one you are painting. Whilest there are a lot of low oder paints now and many based on water, I think a lot of gloss paints will still build up a smell over time. After 24-48 hrs the smell should have dispersed.

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Paint Fumes

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