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tamirra | 13:24 Sat 10th Oct 2015 | Home & Garden
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Hi, does anyone know if you can buy the mirrored stick on vinal originally used for cars but we would like it for patio doors to keep the heat out and to stop people looking in but we will be able to see out, any ideas please. Thanks


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Thank you so much, i really didnt think we would get any, will order that today. Thanks.
The worst thing about the mirrored film is it will look really shabby when the film gets little tears and bits of damage to it. If you are not bothered about appearances it will be ok I suppose.
I would prefer a slightly tinted film without the mirrored effect. You cant really see in from outside unless the internal lights are on. but it will still give you a degree of anti glare ... Just my own thoughts on it .. I fitted lots of it for the Local Council for a few years.
This company offers supply and installation, as well as supply only of a range of solar window films that are specifically designed to keep heat out and provide one way privacy -

Here's an article on how it works -

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Mirrored Vinal

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