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chelsea25 | 00:03 Wed 21st Sep 2005 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know the name of a plug device that reads the amount of electricity being used by whatever is plugged into it?

I nearly bought one a few months back from good old lidl, but didn't, and now can't find one anywhere!

Anyone with any information about this, name, where i can find one, would be greatly appreciated :)


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You are looking for a power (or electricity) usage monitor socket.

Maplin have one for about �25 - link.

If you are not in a hurry for one wait 'til they reappear in Lidl.

I have the lidl one in front of me now. It's simply called an 'energy monitor'. Printed on the back of the device is 'Paget Trading Ltd' Model nr.9149. The instruction manual gives their address as 65-66 Woodrow London SE185DH. Hope this helps.
hallo auldyin
I have also the lidl one but witrh a GERMAN manual
can you mail me the english version
hiya - I know this question was asked a long time ago, but I too have this plug, i.e. 9149 manufactures is Paget Trading Ltd, 65-66 Woodrow, London, bought in lidl but with no english instructions. could you possible give me info on where to get these instructions - or e-mail them to me. most grateful - plug hanging around waiting to get used!!! or perhaps you could forward this message onto auldyin or piet who might have the info - ta muchly
Hello Laidlaw,
I don't know if you already received an answer on question about an English instruction for the energy monitor Paget Trading Ltd' Model nr.9149?
If not, may be I can help, translating a part from Dutch into English.
Piet, laidlaw
ENG user manual(PDF)

I know these posts are rather old but after searching for an English Instrcution manual for my Engery reader (bought from Lidl France today!) I find myself here. Can anyone help?! I can understand parts of the french but not all!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks Ps - checked the megauplaod link but no joy for me,,,?
I have a PDF of the Paget 9149 's instructions in English if anyone wants a copy by email. Just ask:

By the way, Paget seems to be a strange, elusive company. There's no mention of them at Companies House nor do they seem to have a website. Bodes ill methinks.

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Electric reading plug

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