Twisted Willow Tree Not Well

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boxtops | 12:32 Wed 15th Jul 2015 | Home & Garden
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We have two sapling twisted willow trees, both grown from cuttings from a previous tree - both are the same age. On one side of the garden, the tree is bushy with plenty of green leaves, about 5 ft high. On the other side of the garden, the other is taller (about 7 ft) but is now very lanky and the leaves are yellowing and falling off. What could be the matter? Same soil, same light - the lanky one is adjacent to flourishing ferns, with a small bamboo clump about 3 feet away, and the patio on the other side. Any ideas please?


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You know how to live dangerously Willows and bamboo in the same vicinity !
My guess is the bamboo is already well established with a root system that the willow may be having trouble competing with. Therefore the willow is showing it's unhappy by shedding it's leaves.

Seriously you should think twice about letting bamboo or willow grow anywhere near a property. They do like to drain the soil of every ounce of moisture and as a rule they do like breaking into drains and sewers.
I have two bamboo trees/clumps, both of them in half barrels to contain the roots.
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Thanks Alavahalf!

We've had our bamboos for about six years now, although we get the occasional wandering shoot we dig 'em up if they come up in unwanted places, generally speaking the clump is about 3 ft diameter still. They are a good way from the house - and their roots are only ever 2 ins below the surface, so relatively easy to dig up (if tough).

It's a thought though - the willow's been in the ground a good year though, having started life in a tub, and did well until a couple of weeks ago. Would it survive a move at this stage of its life?
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I reckon it should withstand moving ok, providing you make sure to transplant it with a bib a rootball as possible.
For best results wait til autumn when the tree is dormant, the keep the watering going to its established.
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Thanks chipchopper - do you think it will last that long, with all the leaves falling off?
Well, early leaf fall is not usually a good sign, but it could just be that its been suffering from hot dry conditions, which has forced it to go into early autumn mode.
Maybe taking some more cuttings from healthy material will insure its presence.
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Thank you!
Hello, Boxy. Not seen you around for a while. Good to see you back. x
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Cheers Tilly - life gets in the way sometimes :-)

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Twisted Willow Tree Not Well

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