Mains Connection For A Piece Of Computer Equipment

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puternut | 00:37 Fri 10th Jul 2015 | Home & Garden
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Not sure if this should go here or in 'Computing'.

I am going to use a piece of equipment (called a Homeplug) to connect two computers via the existing ring mains wiring. It is prety standard stuff so well proven to work.

The Homeplug system does apparently work better if the unit is plugged straight into the wall socket and not into a trailing socket unit.

My question is, in your opinion, would the use of a 3-way Gang plug

( )

be direct or not



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I don't think you'll have a problem.
I forgot to say - if you're really worried why not try this type of Homeplug. You can plug this straight into the mains and plug your extension lead into it. I have 2 of them in places where I have a shortage of sockets.

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Thank you bhg481.

I have already purchased the Homeplug units (rated at 1000mbps) and they do not come with a pass through facility.
I have used the homeplug system and it worked a treat. But I did rearrange everything in order to plug it into the socket without the use of the 3 way gang.

My internet connection isn't very strong and I didn't want to weaken it at all, so I put other things into a 3 way, moved a lamp to the other side of the room, etc and made space.

Try your best to do that if you can as the results are excellent.
These devices have a maximum distance that they will work over the mains wiring which depends to some extent on how good your wiring is. Each plug and socket that you add, such as adaptors and extension leads, introduce impedance and reduce that maximum distance. In answer to the question, no, it wouldn’t be direct because you would have introduced another plug and socket, but whether it will work or not with the adaptor depends on how near the maximum distance the two devices are, and how good your wiring is.

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Mains Connection For A Piece Of Computer Equipment

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