Morning All Has Anybody Got Cctv And Which One Would You Recommend,

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alinic | 11:18 Tue 02nd Jun 2015 | Home & Garden
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Thinking of getting it. diy ? is it easy enough to put in yourself? thanks


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Can't recommend a particular one but I'd go for something that records and has time and date image on the recording. That way it can be used officially if anything is recorded that needs investigation. or do various ones around the £160 mark which are pretty good. Don't forget to site the cameras so they don't cover other peoples property.
Are you putting it inside or outside the house?
For inside, Y Cam is widely recommended. It's not cheap but it is easy to install and set up and the images are automatically backed up to the cloud so if the burglar wrecks your pc and external hard drives you still have a copy.
You can set it to send you alerts if motion is detected and you can view the images from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. User Recommendation

There are no ongoing costs.
I have a Foscam outside my front of house, which cost about £70.00.

I wouldn't recommend it as the lead from the camera is to short to go through the wall, and the so called easy setup is a porkie pie.

It also has a 3/4 second delay, so one minute a car drives near, then its gone.

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Morning All Has Anybody Got Cctv And Which One Would You Recommend,

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