Re-Planning Back Garden

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Kassee | 21:22 Wed 29th Apr 2015 | Home & Garden
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My back garden is a mess. Asbestos garage, uneven broken patio, and very uneven and chipped path on sideway, and some grotty grass. I would like to have it re-planned, relaid lawn, new path, new patio, and new shed, possibly some decking. Not really sure what. Can I get someone in to help me design how to have it done. Is there a tradesperson I could call in to help ?


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You need a hard landscaper who does garden design. usual advice applies, use personal recommendation or something like check a trade, talk to more than one person, get written quotes and plans, ask to see previous work, be careful about cash up front and stage payments.
Hi, Kassee..............there are lots of garden designers/planners about and garden centres usually offer this service with a discount on purchases from them....but it can be pricey.

Getting a lot of books from your library and doing it yourself if you can is much more satisfying...x
Do please get professional advice about the asbestos. Can be dangerous.
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Thank you for your advice. What I dont understand is, does the person who designs your garden also do the work involved. I mean I would like garage removed (this would have to be done by a specialist I think), I need a new path, a shed put up in place of the garage, a new patio, and possibly a conservatory. But would the same person who advises you do it all ?

I'd have thought they might; but not necessarily so. One's expertise is either in the artistic planning or the physical hard work; so even if there was a one stop shop, chances are different members of the team would be brought in, unless the physical guys felt the planning bit was simple.

I'd have thought half the fun was planning out what you wanted for yourself. You have to live with it.
Kassee: Most 'good' hard and soft landscape gardeners will offer you a design plan. I used to be a landscaper and drew up full colour layouts of the garden/area. If you get a garden designer in then you can be assured that if they aren't actual landscapers themselves then they will have someone they use frequently (in my experience it's usually as close as being another family member who carries out the work). The money isn't in the design, it's in the work. Get at least 5 free quotes (NOT 3).
As far as the asbestos is concerned, this needs to be dealt with professionally. It isn't going to be cheap either. I've turned down jobs where there is asbestos. On one job we had to get a firm in to put a fully enclosed tent around an outhouse before it could be dismantled and it wasn't cheap for the owner.
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OK thanks, I dont think it would be fun to try and design it myself - I have no idea at all - I would rather look at other "experts" ideas and then decide.
Thanks for your help.
before you start with designing, do loads of browsing and get an idea of what you want and what you don't. Pinterest is very useful I find. then when you are getting quotes and talking to the tradesmen, you will know how to respond to their suggestions...otherwise it can get very confusing :)
A bit late with a reply but anyway
The first thing you need is to know who you are as a gardener ,if you dont do much in the garden then all kinds of demanding plants is not the thing for you.
You must be honest with yourself and think hard about the time you want to spend because a keen gardener who has a wonderful garden with lots of feaures almost lives out there
The other thing I would mention is that you and only you can say what you want and all the planner will do is put it on paper or give you something they think you should have and that might not be for you
Two years ago I made a deck for a doctor and he brought in a landscape gardener ,I advised him to have a easy to look after garden ( mostly bushes )
because of his time problems anyway I went back a year later and the whole garden had gone back to wild plants again and his money had been wasted
Saga have reviewed various free software packages you can use online. You might want to take a look at this site
Sorry to piggy back on this but how would I know if my garage was asbestos?
When I bought one of my houses the fact the garage was asbestos was in the surveyors report.
Thanks ummmmm
Ric...many local builders will have a tester kit the same as what a surveyor uses.
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Thank you all - very helpful advise. No don't want any plants or bushes or shrubs, am absolutely not a gardener "espoo" where did you get that name ? Just grass, desperately needed new path, (before I break my neck), patio, new shed/summerhouse where garage is at mo, and possibly a conservatory. But no no gardening (have someone in to cut the grass lol).

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Re-Planning Back Garden

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