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Coldicote | 21:46 Mon 09th Feb 2015 | Home & Garden
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Apparently we can all expect to have an electricity/gas 'smart meter' installed in the next five years. As a matter of interest, does any AB reader have one of these? It would be interesting to hear of reaction to them, how long did it take to install and in what part of the country is it happening? Is there a timetable for different parts of the country and who is actually organising them?


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Each energy supplier is free to decide how they'll roll out the programme, with British Gas currently taking the lead. So your next door neighbour (with energy supplier A) might already have a smart meter but (because you're with energy supplier B) you might hear nothing at all for a few years.

" The government expects that smart meter installation will:
accelerate sharply in 2016, when all the common standards come into force ;
include around 20 million meters fitted between 2016 and 2018 ;
peak in 2019 and finish in 2020."


However (as with nearly all such major initiatives, it seems) the scheme is already running behind schedule:

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There's a lot of interesting discussion to be followed here. It is only recently I became aware of smart meters and I wonder why some people want to stop them or, it seems, can refuse to have one. We would be spared the chore of reading our meters and submitting our readings. On the other hand does it mean that gas and electricity will be more expensive?
We've had a smart meter for over a year now - no problem. EDF, Kent. They took about 20 minutes to take out the old meter and put in the new one. They gave us an eco reader too, so you can see (on a RAG rating) how much power you're using at any one time.
>>>On the other hand does it mean that gas and electricity will be more expensive?

The cost of installing and maintaining the new meters will be spread across customers' bills (as the costs of maintaining the infrastructure in general already is). However the suppliers will be able to make savings through no longer needing to pay for the services of meter-reading companies, so smart meters shouldn't add much to bills.
"They" wish to stop them primarily because they can be controllable remotely thus allowing the company to assert control without needing to enter your property, and if so is also going to be controllable by malicious folk.

Furthermore it adds no benefit for yourself but will cost you through higher prices to have them imposed against your will. It should not be allowable to be done without mutual consent but the public are not important and will have what they are told they will have, and lump it.
I am with British gas. As things stand, they will only give smart meters to people who get both gas and electricity from them.
Have had one for a couple of years now the only thing I didn't like is the reader wich tells you just how much gas/ electricity you're using, threw that out. Ignorance is bliss sometimes
Im in Northants with british gas had one fitted a couple of years ago, took less than an hour gas & electricity.
Wife is glued to it !!! goes into panic mode when the red light comes on !!! but is does show whats being used at what time etc.
...On the plus side meter doesnt have to be read anymore no strangers coming into the house.
Meters could be radio read is designed properly, or even installed in the box outside. I don't see the point of being able to read how much you are using. One uses what one needs to in order to live in sufficient comfort anyway. Just more stress, and an encouragement to get hypothermia.
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Thanks for all these interesting answers. Just wondering when to expect mine in Sussex and who will be doing the job.

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