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Coldicote | 20:23 Mon 02nd Feb 2015 | Home & Garden
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My electricity meter is in my airing cupboard. It is small and not easy to read tucked away behind other electrical gadgets. It is one of those that changes its figures every few seconds and I would like to get it moved from the side wall to the back wall in the cupboard so that it faces me when I try to read it - or better still perhaps an easier to read meter. Does anyone know please whether this has to be done by the electricity supplier or can some other electrical business do it? Another possibility might be to change the supplier.


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You had quite a few answers on your previous thread.

I think the energy company needs to do it. They may charge unless you cans how there is a disability issue. Someone suggested using a phone to take a photo
um didn't you like the answers you got
when you posted this on technology a fornight ago ?
Tell me where you live and I will tell you who to contact.
I thought that question rings a bell ... and was just about to say cant you use your phone to take a picture... again

I doubt if you will like the price to relocate your mete.r
The meter isn't normally installed (or owned) by the company that you pay your bill to. It's the distribution company for your area that owns the external cabling, up to (and including) your meter. Find the relevant company here:
(My understanding is that only the distribution company or their authorised contractor, which might include the energy supplier, can move it).
from: The Association of Meter Operators

How can I get my meter moved?
Contact your electricity or gas supplier who will arrange for their appointed metering company to do the work. Never attempt to move the meter yourself, it is dangerous and can lead to prosecution.
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Very, very sorry. I've been in such a state one way and another that I forgot I had previously posted this question. Thanks everyone. I live in the Lewes area of East Sussex and will be asking around hoping to find a local answer to moving my meter.
Lewes will come under UKPN. Use the 'price illustrator' here to find out how much they'll charge you to move your meter:
(Enter postcode, set 'type of work' to 'relocation' and 'property' to 'house'. I suggest setting the last field to 'Not applicable').

Call 0845 234 0040 for further information.
Are they not all being replaced by smart meters at some stage ? (F.O.C.) you can read those wherever you put the receiver.

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