Static Mobile Home, Planning Permission Required For Site ?

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dieseldick | 14:04 Wed 29th Oct 2014 | Home & Garden
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if i bought a static 42 ft mobile home to place on a farmers land and rent land off farmer, do you need planning permission in uk ( n.i ) if so what does it involve , is it a long and complex situation ?


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The land needs to be designated for residential use rather than agricultural use and that's not easy to get.
Not if you have an old Transit pick up full of scrap parked next to it !
As Woofgang indicates, it's the policy of local authorities NOT to grant planning permission for residential use anywhere outside of existing urban areas. Indeed, any non-agricultural use would probably face planning problems. (It took several years for our local doctors to get planning permission for a new, and much-needed, health centre just on the edge of town. It was right next to existing housing but just over the council's boundary for non-agricultural development. Eventually the council gave in, on the grounds that the development was needed by the community and no other suitable site could be found, but anyone seeking planning permission for residential use around there will clearly not get it).
As said ^^ Very little chance of getting planning permission as granting it would mean changing the use of the land from agricultural to residential .
Residential land is worth at least 10x the value of the same land for agricultural use only. So even in the unlikely event you did get it the farmer is going to want a big increase in the rent you pay.
As above.
The normal exceptions to this are:
The caravan is occupied by an agricultural worker.
The application is for a specific temporary period, and the maximum period anyone is likely to get granted is two years.

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Static Mobile Home, Planning Permission Required For Site ?

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