What To Do Next? Advice Needed Regarding Buying A House.

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bartholomewt | 20:13 Mon 27th Oct 2014 | Home & Garden
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I would like to move north (am e,ployed in London). What would you do first?
a. find a new job first, then move north
b. buy a house first, and keep on lookinf for jobs
c. buy a house first as you can always rent one room out
d. go up north to find a nice area, buy a house and get a job.

I would really love to move up north as I would love living there. Some of my friends said option a is the right one. But you can still get a job and lose it...

Many thanks!


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it depends on what line of work you are in and how much you make on your sale.
another option is rent in the area before buying
Find a job and then rent a room or house while you familiarise yourself with the area and then buy.
The North is a large area. Have you somewhere in particular in mind when searching for a new job?
I would say a.

Find a job, move and rent somewhere until you find the house you want.
If I were you I'd go for option A.
Find a job first as it might influence your final location. And besides, depending on your line of work it might not be instant. Then rent up north while you sell your London house and a free to buy.
I would go with option A as well but you need to think about where you'd like to go.
Def find a job first.
Worst case scenario - it might take AGES to find a job, so get a job first, then move. You can always rent somewhere short term, whilst you look for a house to buy.
Definitely option A.
"north of london" covers a fairly big area. No point buying a house in cumbria, then getting a job in derbyshire. So option A
get hold of the local newspapers for the areas which interest you, and see what jobs and houses are being advertised. You will also be able to see what sort of entertainments and cultural attractions there are, and you may get an idea of the crime rates.
B. Profit from London house can cover while job hunting, (less competition from euros). Good luck

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What To Do Next? Advice Needed Regarding Buying A House.

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