Bad Neighbours and ?? Health Risk

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mfewell | 10:59 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Home & Garden
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After a night which doesn't bear describing but included threats of suicide (I wish!!) and murder, next door has quietened down. In the cold light of day what is left is the entire contents of one guy's room all over the garden, bedding, food, the lot. He's gone, I suspect never to return. (3-day bender, got the sack). Last weekend was ruined for me when they put rotted rubbish on the patio just 10ft from where I sit. They are tenants, I know the landlord quite well, at least he always effuses over me that he will fix things but then does sweet f**k all. My main worry is the health risk of all this garbage. I have put down rat poison as a prophylactic. I suspect there is no comfort answer to this, but can I involve the council, and if I do, what sort of sh!t will hit who's fans ? Or will nothing be done ? This morning I am so tired and so fed up.

Any advice ? Thanks.


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Poor you. Does your council have a neighbour mediation service? It probably won't solve your probs but would be a good place to start. I believe that in law you are entitiled to "quiet enjoyment" of your residence and if the garbage, yelling etcet is continuous then there may be a legal remedy. Not sure if there is any requirement on landlords to ensure that their tenants do not annoy others
Contact the Environmental Health Office at your Council Offices.  S/he will be able to help / advise you.  Good Luck! 
had a similar prob a few years ago. Phoned the council- they came and shifted the rubbish the same day

The house next door to me is rented by smelly pikies, they are dirty, horrid, foul mouthed people and are bringing the street down, he does up cars, his drive permanently looks like a bomb site/garbage disposal area, and he and his wife smoke cigars/cigarettes, everyday I have to pick up their rubbish that has blown over into my front and back garden, the flick their diry fag butts onto my lawn and drive too, the council wont do anything, I need to contact their landlord now. The council suck ! I tried environmental health too and they said there was nothing they could do.

I am so fed up with them, they wash their cars at midnight, strim their lawns at 2 in the morning !


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Bad Neighbours and ?? Health Risk

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