British Gas terrible service

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CheekyChops | 00:34 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Home & Garden
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Is anyone else really cheesed off by the cr*p service from British Gas?  I have been on the phone for nearly two hours today, listening to some robot tell me that 'All our agents are busy taking calls at the moment but your call is important to us etc etc'.  After one call of 1 1/2 hrs and another of 1/2 hour, I still haven't got through to Customer Services and I'm not happy!!!

I've got to ring them in the first place because they are trying to claim I've run up a debt of nearly �250 whilst using my pre-payment tokens - how the heck does that work, I thought that was the whole point of pre-payment!  This has been dragging on since March and I'm sick of waiting for them to sort it out.

I'm so mad that I feel a letter to the Chairman of British Gas is called for - not that I think for a second that he will do anything about it but it will make me feel better!!


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Hello cheeky chops,

I thought it only fair to reply to your queery. My wife works for Scottish gas and she is as ****** off as you are. Not only you, as a customer is being treated badly. The staff are being treated worse by their employers. They appear to have some management problem which dictates, do what your told or your out the door!

Bullying at work at work comes to mind but that doesnt seem to matter these days.

I realise that this doesnt answer your question but I will mention it to the wife and I'm sure in the future once British or Scottish Gas find a call centre in India somewhere, it will be equally if not harder to understand just what is going on with customer queeries. I'm also sure that the Chairman of British Gas doesnt give a sh*t about you, staff or any of the customers as long as long as he/she is getting their payout as soon as it is due.

Sorry pal, just had to get it off my chest as I also have to live with the problem when she comes home.

I have had the same problem, I have been on the phone for nearly an hour since 10 past 8 this morning and didn't get through.

I am going to complain about the wait as soon as I do get through - as alan47 says, I'm sure that the staff are just as cheesed off as we are, I will make it clear that I know it's not their fault but I want my complaint recording.  I do feel for the staff as they must get moaned at by every customer that does eventually get through.

There is only one way to deal with terrible service like this, vote with your feet and move elsewhere - although no doubt all suppliers are pretty much the same!  I was with SWALEC prior to British Gas and had no problems whatsoever, I even managed to speak to someone on the phone!  I only keft becasue I moved house and just kept the exisitng supplier, big mistake!

Just get in touch with the independant body which deals with Gas and Electricity - front of Phone Book.

Cant remember what they are called but you'll find it and the relevant company are duty bound to reply pretty rapid as they govern the service we dont receive!!

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British Gas terrible service

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