Are Jackdaws On The Increase

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andres | 13:45 Mon 07th Jul 2014 | Home & Garden
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We have never had Jackdaws in our garden before and we have been in this house for almost 50 years. This year there have been as many as twenty in the garden early morning,every day. A lot of them are young ones ,still being fed by the adults. The thing is ,they eat everything that is put out for the smaller birds.Fat balls, nuts etc.I have had to put things around the feeders to try to keep them away. They make short work of the pasta that I use to feed a couple of magpies.And the din they make is horrendous. During the day they fly back and forth .
Just wondering if anyone else has these birds in their garden ?Why have they suddenly made an appearance in the garden


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we have a pair nesting in next doors fir tree, they make a lot of noise, getting my own back, the tree is coming down next week.
Hi, appears that since the 70s Jackdaw population has increased by about 50% so I guess they will be making more of an appearance in our gardens....and they are remarkably greedy.

I have some great shots of my last holiday in Ireland where the Jackdaws were coming onto our balcony and as close as the door looking for food.
There are a lot of them around in some areas.

I think they're fascinating birds - very bright and quite beautiful close up - I was virtually hand feeding some on a recent holiday - super.
Blimey, Dave....that was've seen the beaks? But they are great birds....x
I did say 'virtually' :)

Has anyone heard one speak?

I was outside a pub in sunny Ireland when a jackdaw sat on the pub signpost and chatted to was unreal.

I thought maybe it was the not the bird...but the other diners were joining in......☺
The problem I find with corvids is most people dont know the difference between ravens, jackdaws rooks and crows.

To most, any largish black bird is a rook or crow etc.

Im not saying that is a problem here though, just thought I would mention it.
Has anyone heard one speak?

Yes, my friends had one called Woo, when you walked up to his Avery he'd go "wooooo, good morning", think he may have said more but I never heard it. :-)
Hi, Frank....suppose there is no reason why they can't mimic...

Mine said...Guinness...quite often.....thought he knew me til I remembered where I was...☺
Not sure where this one picked it up, one of the friends worked at an animal rescue sanctuary, so I assume someone had it as a pet before it was taken in there.
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Thanks for all the replies. I have just been out to put the feeders and peanut holders in the bushes where the little birds can still feed in peace.
Andres....if it makes you feel any better I have watched swallows attack jackdaws.....

Admittedly they were angry with a hooded crow but the jackdaws were in the way and got it in the neck too......☺
Get yourself some of these andres where only the smaller birds can feed.;page:57;/feeder_guardians
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Thanks ladybirder. I will definitely look at these.
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gness--- We don't have any swallows around at the moment .
My sister has just been shopping down in the town (5mins away) and she said that there are lots of jackdaws in the town centre. Looks like they have all decided to come to NW Lancs .
We have lots of jackdaws, I quite like them, they are not as noisy or aggressive as crows and rooks. They are a bit clumsy when they attack our bird-feeder! Hate magpies! Now we are getting the noisy parrakeets!
Overrun with jays for the first year ever. Used to get the odd one or two but not like this

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Are Jackdaws On The Increase

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