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CharlieJack | 18:36 Sat 28th Jun 2014 | Home & Garden
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Hi, As an employee officially classed as f/t home based employee am I allowed to ask my employer for equipment and H&S stuff such as a desk, chair, first aid kit, fire blanket and power surge protector?. Would 1st aid boxes be unnecessary since my work will be computer work.?

My current set up is ok, e.g. sitting at a table so I am wondering whether a risk assessment should be done in the 1st instance (most likely to be self assessment to include pictures I imagine for my employer to see the set up). I'm also thinking that a DSE assessment should also be done.
I think it must vary between different companies but in my last job I was assessed when I first started the job and then reviewed periodically.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks


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Surely you are responsible for your own health and safety when at home?
This should all have been discussed when you took the job really. If its not part of the contract to have furniture and equipment than it is unlikely to be supplied. You should protect your own home from fire, but a request for a comfortable office chair might be acceptable.

I should ask nicely for that and forget the rest as it will all come across as being rather officious.

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Full Time Home Based Workers

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