Expanding Flexible Garden Hose

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trish1234567 | 14:30 Wed 21st May 2014 | Home & Garden
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Being really fed up with hoses that develop holes, leak or twist, I decided to invest in an X Hose, which is quite expensive.

However, I now see that there are lots of these type of hoses at different prices and in different colours. I need to know is there one genuine model and if others are cheap copies?

Also, are they any good? Many thanks in advance.


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Available at Argos trish.. Scroll down Page
15:06 Wed 21st May 2014
Well established Company.
Any good Garden Centre will stock their products
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Hi redman, looked at Hozelock and they don't appear to do this particular hose. I first saw one them on a tv shopping channel and they stretch to three times their size when water goes through them and shrink back when water turned off! They are so light one can easily carry the hose on one arm.

If you look up "expanding flexible garden hose" you'll see for yourself.
Lots of thanks.
Have you made any enquiries at your nearest Garden Centre ?
Have you got a Homebase or B&Q nearby, maybe you could ask there.
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Hi Redman, I know that Robert Dyas sells this hose, but they do not called it the "X Hose" in their store. Hence, are there copies made of it!

Amazon also advertise it. However, if you'll look at the video on the "Ideal World" tv shopping channel, you'll see it isn't like any other garden hose. Many thnx.
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Thanks Redman for mentioning Argos, which store enabled me to look at customers' reviews.

I now have a few reservations and I'm now not at all sure. At a quick count, only 12 persons gave 5 stars out of 30. Although a few said 'excellent' and even 'brilliant', several said not a good hose connection, one said the hose split and it was even mentioned to keep the hose in the shadr which makes me think it could become brittle or even rot.

Also, if it turned out not to be a good buy, my husband would say "I told you so ............." Many thnx.
When new, they are fine...however, they don't age well. If you get a hole (or split), they are impossible to repair.

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Expanding Flexible Garden Hose

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