Living Room Floor Covering Dilemma?

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piggynose | 10:35 Wed 21st May 2014 | Home & Garden
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My spanish g´friend needs to change her floor covering pretty soon. Because we live in Spain, its not cheap. She´s thinking about putting down a pricey Parquet(about 3grand). I said surely Linoleum would be a lot cheaper.
I am thinking of buying something when i´m in the uk next month. What do you reckon aber´s?


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Vinyl tiles from a DIY store. I am very pleased with my new kitchen floor. You can get parquet effect, brick effect, cork effect, etc etc. I am sure you can find them on the websites of the usual places like Wickes, B&Q, Homebase.
And they are really easy to fix. If you keep a few spares you will be able to replace any tiles which get damaged.
And they are really inexpensive, but check the thickness - the cheapest are very thin, and only suitable for areas of very light traffic.
You'd have to cart it, or post it to Spain, which will increase the price. And won;t look at good as parquet. But at the end of the day it's all about personal choice isn't it.

Ceramic tiles are a favourite on the Med, or stone. I have Quickstep laminate tiles in my kitchen, they work well.
do you think 'dilemma' is, erm, how can I put it, a little strong perhaps?
My opinion is this: not worth the hassle of getting it, transporting it then having to explain to GF how you didn't agree with what SHE wanted in HER place, so you made an executive decision for ther that she'll have to put up with
If she is paying (and can afford) for the parquet then 'let' her have it, she has to live with it afterall.
Don't let her walk all over you! ;-)
Well these replies just floored me.
I trust you have covered your plan with her.
Proper Lino is also expensive and needs to be laid by someone who knows what they are doing.

Personally I'd go down the parquet route.
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we´re both travelling to the uk next month, so she´ll be able to have a look herelf. Its just that she always moaning about things being overpriced, so thats why i suggested linoleum.
like the puns, keep ´em coming.

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Living Room Floor Covering Dilemma?

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