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shiznit | 12:18 Mon 05th May 2014 | Home & Garden
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Thinking of getting one of these for the home. Has anyone had any experience or owns one of these?. How do you rate them? and which brand would you recommend?.

Thanks for any answers



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Have a look at related questions below as this topic comes up quite often. I used to have a hometek which was OKish but then got the H20 and I'm really really pleased with it.
I've had a simple steam cleaner for over 20 years, which can be used for all sorts of things including removing wallpaper. It gets most of an outing for going over the carpets every so often, as it kills of lurking nasties and breaks the static that holds pet fur in the pile, so a steam followed a vacuum is most satisfying.
You can look at the "Which" guides in most local public libraries
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Which guide is rubbish in my opinion, I was after actual experiences of people on here. Thanks for your answers, bit the bullet and bought a Karcher, got a power washer by them which is amazing so should be fine.

Thanks again
I have a black and decker steamer for wooden floors and rubber in kitchen and bathroom...would not be without it !
"rubber in kitchen and bathroom...would not be without it !" ... hmmmm :)

But to answer the OP : I've tried one on my kitchen floor tiles which have a slightly rough finish - not impressed at all, didn't shift the crud. But it was very good on the shiny tiles in the conservatory.

I'd make sure I got one from somewhere that has a good returns policy - mine went back to Argos.
dave...I have a a type of rubbermix tile floor in kitchen and bathroom think it is called amtico ? know it cost a fortune !
minty, if you drop say a cup or a glass on your amtico floor does it break or does it bounce back up for you to catch it ?.
does not break tony...can't say it bounces exactly ceramic which was a nightmare !
had ceramic which was a nightmare !

Why is that, minty ?.
every time oh ventures into kitchen he seems to drop plates, glasses ...broken stuff everywhere with ceramics ! but not with this stuff !
Ah right, a good investment then, minty.

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Steam Cleaner

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