I Would Like To See My Orchid Bloom Again...

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lilypoppyfre | 11:26 Fri 28th Mar 2014 | Home & Garden
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I was given an orchid 2 months ago.It had yellow flowers and I would like to see it flower again. It looks healthy but the flowers are now gone. I suppose that it is now dormant. How do I look after it.The compost is nearly dry.I welcome any advice.


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If it is a 'moth orchid', the ones for sale in great abundance at present, simply cut the dead flower stalk off above the highest node (or dormant shoot). You should water it by immersing the pot in water(preferably rain water in hard water areas) for 10 mins every week or so depending on how quickly it dries out. It will need plenty of light but not full sun. It should flower again quite soon before the winter dormant period. Orchids need definite seasons with a cool winter to trigger flowering.
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thank you, jomifl . It is indeed a moth orchid.I have taken note of your reply....and look forward to see it again in bloom in my bathroom.
My orchid flowers twice a year. When the flowers first fell off I presumed it was dead but within a few weeks new buds appeared.

I water it when I remember :-/ it has twice as many flowers now than what it started with.
I had 2 last year, once they finished flowering I cut off the stalks and pretty much left them to it with just a light warering with rain water no more than once a week. They have both just produced a fabulous stem of blooms, better than when I bought them but it did take the best part of a year.
I give mine a good soaking once a month then let it drain out. It's been blooming since just before Christmas and still have lots of blooms on it.

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I Would Like To See My Orchid Bloom Again...

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