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Arrods | 12:44 Sat 01st Feb 2014 | Home & Garden
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Took a call from salesman. Usual question, for which of these three things would you like a cash voucher? Colleague will call you back if you qualify. (NB More and more of these companies are using the call-back technique; do they all attend the same sales course?)

Guy calls back. As I'm at long last looking to make domestic fuel savings (been with same gas and electricity suppliers for 40+ years!!!!) I'd expressed interest in gas saving. He's offering a shoebox size device that fits between boiler and first radiator that, by removing oxygen from water in heating pipes and improving flow, my gas bill will be reduced by (note not up to) 30%. "We happen to be calling at Mr xxxx round the corner and we'd like to drop by and give you a quote". When I said no callers, the telephone call ended.

Sorry this is long-winded, but does anyone have any idea what this device is called/where I can get any reviews? I've no doubt the claims are exaggerated, but I'd like at least to know what this is all about. Grateful for any help.


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If such things worked they'd be a standard fitting in every house with a gas supply.
It's a con.
I believe it is called Snake Oil in a Box.
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If these things worked they'd be a standard fitting in every house with a Boiler regardless of energy source!
Its my understanding that the water in radiators has very little gas in it once its been used a while as the constant heating drives the gas out.
"removing oxygen from water"...that would leave just hydrogen!
He probably should have said "dissolved oxygen/air".
The device will cost a lot and (I guess) won't work. Save money by switching energy-suppliers.
Its a scam, similar to what Ive had the past 2 weeks.
Asian voice says are you Mr ?.
We have been informed regarding your car accident you had recently,. and!
Phone switch off!

Bloody annoying!!!!!!
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Thanks gingejbee. I think, you're right, he may have said something like that, adding that 'you'll never have to bleed radiators again'. Of course, there's no way I'm going anywhere near this sort of thing, for the reason others have suggested. And yes, I will be sorting out my energy suppliers. All that said, I'd still be interested to hear if anyone knows about this device. Thanks, as ever, for all your interest.

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