Whats Best Form Heating For House, Gas, Coal,electric , Oil ?

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beezaneez | 12:16 Tue 14th Jan 2014 | Home & Garden
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big 4 bed house here, we have dual gas and coal open fire. what is cheapest form of heating to heat our living room gas or coal ?

what is cheapest form heating for our bedroom when we go to bed oil filled radiator ? gas radiator ? convector heater ?


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I use an oil filled radiator with a timer and a thermostat. Its the safest option and doesn't cost a lot to run.
The cheapest is an electric air source heat pump or reversible aircon unit. you get 3x the heat for the same cost as an electric convector.
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jomfifi thanks but is that one of them small blow heaters ? heard they were expensive to run.
No it is not a 'small blow heater' it is an air sourced heat pump. a 1kw blow heater gives you 1 kw of heat, a 1kw heat pump gives 3kw of heat for the same cost. You have an internal part fixed to a wall and an external part with a heat pump. One big enough to heat your room would cost about £400, The modern ones have infra red controllers so that you can programme temperatures and on off times. Plus it can cool the room if you ever get a hot summer:o)
It depends entirely where you live, too, surely - different suppliers will charge different amounts for your fuel.
wow, my oil filled radiator cost 50 quid, i'd have to keep the bedroom tropical to get the money back on one of those!
For a bedroom an oil filled rad is probably more cost effective but for a room that is heated for most of the day for six months of the year a heat pump can pay for itself in as little as a year.
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JOMFI thats very good info there, i would definately buy one of those if i owned my own home. just wondering why most homes havent allready got them installed if they are so easy on electric for the amount of heat they can produce ?
Beez, OK I can see why it would not be a goer for you. Any other kind of electric heater produces exactly the same amount of heat for your bucks as any other no matter how 'high tech' it is . What is important is how the heat is delivered. I rate underfloor heating as the best as it is gentle heat, low down where your feet are, produces minimum draughts and because of that you can have the room a couple of degrees cooler for the same comfort level, so you save on electricity.
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Whats Best Form Heating For House, Gas, Coal,electric , Oil ?

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