Recommendations For Conservatory Heating Please

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bushbaby_de | 15:05 Fri 06th Dec 2013 | Home & Garden
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Our house has a conservatory added on to the outside of the house, so there are double glazed patio doors leading out to it and the gas centrel heating has not been extended into it. The conservatory measures about 3m x 3m and has a vaulted ceiling to a height of about 3m.

When we bought the house, there was a wall mounted slimline electric heater (2000 watts) on the wall of the conservatory, plugged into a socket. However this went BANG the other day in a cloud of electrical smoke, fused the circuit all the plug sockets are on, and died. As this happened my husband was nervous of buying another electric heater (online reviews suggest this is a common occurrence) and bought two 1000w oil filled radiators instead. Now I have a freezing cold conservatory as apparently they are just not up to the job. The rads themselves are warm, as is about a half metre radius around them, but the heat just doesn't seem to travel round the room to raise the temperature high enough to actually be able to use the room in this weather.

What sort of heating should I be using to be safe and warm in my conservatory? Is hubby being over cautious? Would bigger oil rads work? Or something else?

I don't want anything that needs to be hardwired in as I can't afford to spend more than about £75. Any suggestions and advice welcome!



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Buy another convector...we fit lots and have little trouble.
Heat isn't going to travel any faster unless you can get the hot air moving. So your choice is more watts and just wait until it heats the room, or a convention heater. (I guess you could try a fan in front of the heaters you have :-) )
My conservatory is 5m x 3m and i use a single 3kw oil filled rad. To circulate the warm air, i just had a small 6" desk fan behind it on low giving a little air movement. Works a treat
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Thanks for the advice. Hubby is very nervous about another convector heater but it sounds like the best option. Maybe if I just turn it on when we're in the house he'll be ok with it!

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Recommendations For Conservatory Heating Please

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