Is There Any Way To Stop Badgers Coming Into Your Garden.

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maggie01 | 08:29 Fri 31st May 2013 | Home & Garden
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Earlier this week I asked about the grass being scratched up and someone suggested is could be a badger. Never seen one before but last night I was woken up by two in the garden making a racket.
The have broken some lights and dug up some plants not to mention the holes under the fence.
I shooood them away and went to pick up the broken lights and then I heard a growling like noise coming from underneath next doors decking.
I didn't wait to find out if it was still there.
We have had problems with a fox but never badgers. This has all been since they put the decking down.
Is there any way to prevent them coming into the garden before it looks like a bombsite. I know it is not easy.


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Don't suppose you live in Somerset or Gloucestershire maggie.
They seem to have the solution to your badger problem. :)
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No! I live in Hampshire. I sat watching it last night about 11pm. No damage this time. It just mooched around the garden.

Actually they are lovely creatures, I just wish they wouldn't dig up everywhere.

Someone said to put toy windmills in the garden which I did. Looks at daft and it didn't seem bothered by them but at the same time, it did go near them.
Possibly a solution would be to get a Jack Russell Terrier.
This is a serious suggestion this time Maggie.
Question Author
I have a shih-Tzu so another dog is out of the question. Thanks anyway.

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Is There Any Way To Stop Badgers Coming Into Your Garden.

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