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MadMen | 18:03 Mon 13th May 2013 | Home & Garden
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As above, my mop smells a bit stinky.

Cleaned the lounge floor today, and now it's dried it smells a bit musty???

What's the best thing to clean it with?



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I put my mop in a weak solution of Jeyes Fluid.
18:05 Mon 13th May 2013
I put my mop in a weak solution of Jeyes Fluid.
If it UN screws off put it in the washer with biological washing powder.
Question Author
It's a wooden mop and doesn't screw on/off.

Ooh, I have some jeyes fluid actually, from when I had the drains cleaned and there was a bit of spillage.
I'll soak it in that. Thanks :)
...Then squeeze out properly and dry thoroughly - preferably outside in the sun.
Use very sparingly though - Jeyes fluid is extremely pungent, use too much and the whole place will smell of creosote!
Chuck it out and buy a new one.
While you're at it drop all your gold and silver in it. It will come out gleaming:-)
Question Author
It's soaking now. That Jeyes absolutely stinks!! :-/

I will get a new one Hop, but I need to re-mop my lounge floor tonight. I can't sit in there with that fousty smell.
What is happening is that, however much you rinse and squeeze/wring the mop out, traces of whatever (often/usually including our shed skin, ubiquitous and entirely natural) was on the surface(s) you used the mop on remain in the mop and then bacteria and fungi proceed to digest those materials so long as there is any moisture in the mop. Unlike in warmer countries or where dwellings are properly heated so that the atmosphere is drier than here, in Britain things like mops, cloths, etc. rarely dry out completely so the process is ever continuing. This is exactly the same as happens in cleaning cloths (e.g. kitchen), towels, clothing etc. and it is relatively common for kitchen cloths to then leave a very active film on worktops as they are wiped with a cloth that is overdue for a wash (can be as little as 24 hours, all depending on conditions). That film will then smell until the surface dries completely.

The answer is a thorough wash using effective detergents, preferably in warm water, followed by thorough rinsing. It is not necessary to discard the object in question unless effective washing is not achievable. Your mop is probably not the easiest thing to clean but standing it in a bucket of hot water and detergent and then rinsing well with hot water may well do the trick.
I love the smell of Jeyes!

And bleach.

I am odd.
bleach it overnight. Thats one of the reasons I like wash by hand, there's nothing worse than a stinky mop! Hoiwever, every time I throw a mop away, OH comes home with a new one.
I always try to dry my mop upside down, usually standing it against an outside wall with the mop head exposed to the wind and fresh air, if you store it mop head down it won't dry properly and then it gets all musty smelling.
Get down on your knees and wipe the floor over with a fresh J cloth.
Question Author
Thanks again. I've given it a really thorough rinse and although it still stinks of Jeyes fluid it's much better.
I've left it drying outside for now, and hope it doesn't rain.
Hoppy, I won't be getting down on my knees today I'm afraid - I feel ill. Probably ingested that stinky fluid.
You must have put too much in the bucket, MadMen. I did say weak.
You're no fun.
bin it !!!!!!!
Question Author
I know, it's my fault completely. I don't think its the jeyes that made me ill. Well, not unless it can bring on flu-like symptoms! :-/

Thanks for your help :-)
Question Author
Not gonna bin it Anne. Its a perfectly good mop!

Hop, I'm no use to you today. My ribs hurt :(
Ah well, another time then.

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