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MadMen | 17:19 Thu 02nd May 2013 | Home & Garden
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Did you ever get a decal/wall sticker? If so, how did it turn out?

I've spent the last hour or so attaching one to my daughters wall...


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I like that. Love the fireplace...
Question Author
Fanks :)
The room was bright blue and the fireplace white. I painted the whole room white, but against the fire it all looked a bit clinical.

Tub of pink paint later, and some stickers... voila!
That's cute MM, I remember doing butterfly stencils on my daughters bedroom wall, my arms ached for a week after.
Question Author
Oh, we've got butterflies on the opposite wall. They're like 3d ones though, they come away from the wall.
I've had to tell her it's all got "superhot" glue on the back of it, so she must NOT touch it or attempt to pull it off.
She didn't seem to pay much attention to that, so I then had to tell her the story of 'young Fred'. You know, the one who touched the stickers his Mum had spent ages putting up.... and his fingers fell off!
Beautiful! You are very clever.
Did you have to stick all the flowers on individually? If so, was it easy? Take long?

I bought one similar a few months back but tbh I was expecting it to come as one big sticker, I didn't realise all the branches and flowers were individual. I haven't got round to starting it yet lol

Yours looks lovely by the way :-)
That's gorgeous!! We have wall stickers in some of the rooms at work and they are surprisingly hard wearing! So pretty :)
Question Author
Thanks :)

Yeah they were all individual pieces. Took a few goes to get it right, but not difficult.
Is the window open? Looks like there's a howling gale in the room! (Still, nice effect tho') ;-)
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Hehe. Yep, I had to rake up all the leaves on her bedroom carpet this morning...
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Evianbaby - Wall Stickers

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