Do You Have A Water Butt?

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boxtops | 18:01 Fri 19th Apr 2013 | Home & Garden
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Our water bill came recently and there is a chunk on it about paying for disposal of surface water. All the water from our roofs (fore and aft) goes into water butts tapped into the downpipes, not straight out onto the road or garden. I thought it worth contacting the water board to tell them this. They asked me to send them some photos and what we use the water for - and yay! They've just written to tell me that I'm going to get a rebate of £25 off my water bill - result!


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Water board?? What decade are you in, boxtops?
Do I have a water butt? No, it's just the way I walk!
excellent news, boxtops

well done
....incidentally, the same applies if your rainwater "soaks away".
Question Author
I still call it that, ginge, most people know what I mean!
Yes I do, and I had the hugest rat in it last year - came back from holland & found the damn thing floating on the top. Freaked me out that much, my water butt has gone from being a most beloved thing to an object of trepidation....
Yes, I know what you meant - but you are 35 years behind the times!
Unfortunately, the water company won't backdate your claim more than one no claiming since you moved in!
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They've made that very clear in their email, but hey ho, at least they've gone back to April 2012.

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Do You Have A Water Butt?

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