Removing Dried Mascara From Vinyl Flooring

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Anngel | 10:30 Sat 13th Apr 2013 | Home & Garden
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I dropped a mascara on the floor and was too lazy to clean it up. It was some time before I got round to it (not housewife of the year material!) Now it is set solid. I have tried Flash detergent, white spirit, baby oil and cream cleaner. Anyone got any ideas please????


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Eye make up remover, Body Shop one is excellent, it dissolves mascara easily. Do a spot check first if it's a carpet, just incase it strips any colour out.
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Do you have a link to the specific eye makeup remover please? I have tried the standard Boots one.
Try a make up wipe? If it takes it off your eyes it should, in theory, clean it from your flooring.
When I dyed my grandsons hair (yes grandson) we got black hair dye on the tiled floor. Nothing would remove it,but over time it faded away,so just keep trying and eventually it will fade.
If you've tried all those cleaners I personally doubt make-up remover will get it off. I presume it was waterproof? Anyway I'd leave a blob of Ariel (or similar) on it over night and then try to scour off with a gentle kitchen spongeback thing - I'd also have a go first with nail polish remover.
Just had a thought, if you've got some bicarb of soda mix some with a little water to make a paste, put it on the mascara and leave for a bit to let it work, then wipe off.
Rocky's bicarb method might work or try a squirt of wd40 if you have any, leave a while and wipe.
(I did the same thing recently but luckily I removed it straight away with a baby wipe).
WD40 - It's an amazing product - even gets oil based paint off your hands!

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Removing Dried Mascara From Vinyl Flooring

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