How Much Are Household Bills?

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adampember | 15:02 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Home & Garden
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In a 3 bedroom terraced house, roughly how much are bills such as water, gas, electric, tv licence, landline etc. per month?



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Too much.

I never recall. Would have to spend ages digging bills out.
Usually about 15% more than you bring in
£145.50 for a TV licence = £12.125 per month is that's any help.
Water - £45

Gas - £13 (for us because we don't have gas heating)

Elec - £140

TV - £10 approx
Don't forget you have council tax. That's about £130
Question Author
Rough estimates will do 200, 400, 600? Just working out how much it would cost if I moved out from living with parents
We are in a 3 bed house and we pay per month:
Alls bills will differ from area to area and from how big your house is as to how much gas /electric you will need.

£12.12 TV Licence per month

£40 Gas
£30 Electricity
£38 Water Rates
Council Tax £119
Landline with Talktalk £25including call charges

You would also need to factor in your mortgage or rent.
My quarterly gas bill (last week) was £300!

I live on my own in a 2 bed house.
evian, a quarter, crikey...
I'll be investing in some thermal underwear for next winter.
The average UK dual-fuel bill (for gas & electricity) is £1420p.a., so that's around £118 per month.

Average household water bills are £388 per year, so that's around £32 per month.

As has been said, a TV licence costs around £12 per month.

Landline phone bills will vary with usage. I get free evening and weekend calls and I hardly make any daytime calls but I still pay around £30 per month.

Council Tax on a 3-bed terraced house might be based upon Band B or Band C, which would typically be around £115 per month.

Adding that lot up comes to around £307 per month. You'd then need to add on things like broadband subscriptions (perhaps £15 per month) and satellite or cable TV (perhaps £27 per month), if appropriate.
I live on my own in a 3 bed flat in Scottyland so our water is included in our council tax.

Gas and Electricity £90 per month
Virgin Broadband/TV/Phone £60 per month
Council Tax £220 per month
TV Licence £12 something per month
On top of rent we pay monthly:
Elec £65
Gas £42
Water £44
CTax £170
TV Licence £12
Virgin £80
Crikey evian...are you in a detached property?
My last quarter gas bill was £110
Well it was the winter quarter. Maybe should have got the oven seal fixed quicker ?
It's end of terrace, PP. Not sure how much difference that makes.
I barely use the oven OG :)
''I'll be investing in some thermal underwear for next winter''

That will help in your quest for lurve (maybe don't be wearing them in your profile pic eh).
Big difference, Evian. The house next door keeps your heat in.

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