Disposable Socks

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rojash | 18:17 Tue 08th Jan 2013 | Home & Garden
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My wife's been in England for the last five weeks, so I'm having to fend for myself.

I can cope with just about all of it except for washing and drying socks - it's all so fiddly.

Wouldn't it be great if someone invented socks that you just threw away?


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They have and they`re given out on aircraft in washkits. Wear once and bin (or more likely, leave on the floor for someone else to pick up).
they sell them at primark
Bung all your socks in a netting bag. Wash, tumble dry. Job done!
You have felines - my little tom cat usually has a stash of socks somewhere. Maybe somebody small and furry got fed up of you leaving socks lying around and has been collecting them.
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"they sell them at primark"
Not many Primarks in Greece :(

"Wash, tumble dry. Job done!"
We don't have a tumble drier :(

"You have felines"
Yeah, I've been considering turning them into 13 pairs of furry slippers :-)
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Just had a look at your link Ratter. I'm not sure that see-through, nylon, trainer socks are gonna keep my feet warm in winter.
why are they fiddly? You just bung 'em in the washing machine, then peg 'em out!
If you've got 13 pairs of furry slippers you wouldn't need socks....
Isnt she coming back then ??
You have 13 cats! 13 cats? 13......

I have two and live in a war zone.
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"why are they fiddly? You just bung 'em in the washing machine, then peg 'em out!"

I bung em in the washing machine, take 'em out, they're all screwed up, mixed, up tangled up. They're all black, but all different, so have to be sorted into pairs ('orrible feeling handling soggy socks), then (because it rains every day) they have to pegged on this stupid sock hanger thingy that loves to fold itself up, which I have to hold in my teeth while fiddling around with these teeny tiny plastic pegs.
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"You have 13 cats! 13 cats? 13....."

eerrrm.. no, to get 13 pairs of slippers, I would use all 26 of my cats. (I've also got a dog)
Has she got a sister perhaps?
Aha - OH also has a million black socks and they all seem different. We put them in untangled then hang them up and dry them, we don't sort them out until they are dry. We have a big bag of one-socks, with no apparent relatives.....
26 house cats?
My cats don't steal socks, but Rover's just nearly been sick in my shopping bag :-(
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"26 house cats?"

No, only 6 are allowed in the house, the rest live in the pergola, the garden, the barn... But they all turn up for meals twice a day (and snacks, whenever they see me). Two VICs are also allowed in the office.
I too have a million black socks, none of which I can find.
Coincidentally my sons cups runneth over with black socks......
all my socks are black and they all have holes in them

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Disposable Socks

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