Ceramic Toilet System Condensation

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Jacko439 | 19:32 Sun 06th Jan 2013 | Home & Garden
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I have a problem with our toilet system having a bad condensation problem which has spoilt a carpet within our bathroom. As our bungalow was built in 1985 we do not have an air extraction system. The flushing system tank is within 14 inches of an hot water radiator and still gathers water droplets. I realise that this is caused by moist air condensing on the cold surface of the tank. Can anyone explain how my wife and I can overcome this


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A quality duct fan would be a good start.
Keep a window open, especially after the bathroom has been used.
Jacko, I've heard of people fitting insulation to the inside of the cistern to try and overcome this. I don't know how effective it is, but it sounds like a right faff ;o(

Every bathroom should have a good extractor fan as His Brightness has said.
We get a lot of bathroom condensation problems on here. Fans are very cheap, and so easy to fit........... especially in a bungalow.
Your local friendly electrician would fit one in no time at all.
I know someone that emptied the cistern ...dried it and lined the inside with a 30mm coat of expanding foam......the condensation just moved onto the window and rotted it.
If all fails you could purchase a Toilet cistern Drip Tray
We insulated the inside of our ceramic cistern and it was indeed a right faff. We used thin flexible foam which we stuck to the sides. I have to say it worked a treat for a while but over time it came away from the sides and the cold water cooled the cistern again. We have two extractors in our bathroom as we're in a bungalow too, yet it still drips like mad.

We have resorted to tiling the floor, opening a window and mopping it after our showers. I really don't know of any other solution.

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We do and try and open the bathroom window after showers baths etc. Does anyone have any experience of those water extraction crystals that have to be dried out when full and do they work?
Have vinyl rather than carpet in the bathroom, then it won't matter.
Could you make a toilet room seperate from the bathroom by partitioning it off?
It needs more than opening afterwards, keep the window cracked open all of the time and the door shut and you shouldn't have a problem.

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Ceramic Toilet System Condensation

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