Removing Labels From Jam Jars

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E.R. | 22:51 Sun 30th Dec 2012 | Home & Garden
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What would remove the sticky residue from jam jars .I've tried nail varnish remover, methylated spirits even a brillo pad ?


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You can buy a special aerosol spray which does the trick!
I've found just putting them in the dishwasher a great way of removing the labels but if you don't have one (I only got ours as best beloved was getting dishpan hands!) Lakeland have something for removing sticky residue from things I just don't remember the exact name for it, they do have a website which might help you.
I know just what you mean, they seem to use very sticky glue these days!
I just googled sticky label remover and several products came up, so it may pay off if you order online
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Plain ol' hair spray usually works for us...
Often a good soak in hot soapy water will get rid of it.
If you cannot get the sticky stuff remover, then WD40 will remove it.

or lighter fluid
WD40 every time.
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headwreck - my uncle used to save all his jam jars etc and give them to a local woman who made homemade jam etc - in return she gave him a jar or two of the finished jam.

you could offer them on freecycle, or even place an ad in the local free paper, offering to save them regularly in exchange for a jar of the jam.
For the really gungy stuff that nail varnish remover doesn't remove try white spirit - works for me.

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Removing Labels From Jam Jars

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