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silliemillie | 20:53 Mon 24th Dec 2012 | Home & Garden
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Off the the B & Q sale on boxing day, got to get a new kitchen.

Does anyone know how much they charge for fitting?

I know its like asking how long is a piece of string but obviously It would be helpful to have a ballpark figure as this will reflect how much I can spend on the actual kitchen itself.

Its 20 cupboards plus oven, hob, sink.

Any help appreciated.


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Sillie I'm getting a new one fitted in the new year but not from B&Q, it's a local guy who was recommended to us by several friends. For solid oak cupboards, cooker + hood, integrated dishwasher and fridge freezer it's coming in at approx £7000, that includes totally redesigning layout and fitting too, hope that helps.
As a rough guide and it is a rough guide they use to say , take the price of the kitchen and that's your fitting cost, so its the price of the kitchen doubled, however you may find now that if its in a sale then the full price before any deductions becomes the fitting costs.
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Thanks April, that sounds reasonable doesnt it? I have asked around but cant get any recomendations so was playing safe with B & Q,
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Thanks KJN for the rough guide, yes i will certainly think about sale price, thats a very good point.
Yes Sillie, I thought it was reasonable too, mind you we're paying for his labour in cash so he's knocked a bit off for that, and we're taking the old one out ourselves.
If you want to play safe I wouldn't use B&Q.
I'd buy a kitchen from them, wouldn't have them fit it though.
in 2006 i asked for a quote for fitting a kitchen 10ft x 10ft and it was £3000.00. Got it done for £200 in one day by a local self employed joiner,
seriously, the daily rate for any joiner is about £200. a kitchen should take 3 days at most if it includes a lecky
^^Dotty is correct.
'anything else and you have more money than sense' is the quote from my OH . (35 years a self employed joiner now a site manager)
I lived with a chippy for many years. He could have fitted my kitchen in a day. B&Q will take much much longer and charge much much more. I wouldn't trust them with gas and electric either.
also millie, barter on any integrated appliances but avoid indesit they are broccoli
and, they rip you off with their worktops, sell you feet more than you need cos they are in standard lengths, let them know you know that and they'll not make a mug of you
I'd go independent too - I got a quote from them to refit a shower room - I got the shower room, bathroom and toilet all done and including materials and tiles which they didn't for just slightly more than their quote was.

By all means buy the kitchen but get a joiner to fit it - he'll likely know a plumber and sparky to do any bits needing done.

A friend recently had a kitchen fitted by her builder when he was doing her extension. It was about £1300 - but it was a big kitchen with a very complex and heavy worktop.
I got all my fitings from Next - lovely quality, all delivered together and free returns - no complaints from me - I'll go there for my kitchen when I save up.
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Thanks for all your replies, theres certainly a lot to think about, I have been meaning to get it done for ages but always put it off cos I cant be bothered with all the hastle.

But the B & Q sale has spured me on to bite the bullet & I know how much the kitchens were before (as I have been eyeing them up for a while!) so I will know if they really are in the sale.
Maybe I will just buy it there & get a tradesman to fit it, that sounds like the best thing to do according to your answers,

Thanks again

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