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rikilee | 13:51 Fri 23rd Nov 2012 | Home & Garden
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I have a 1 pound coin electric meter in my flat,(renting from a private andlord) is there a way to get this checked as it uses somuch,2 pound a day just for light and pc,i dare not turn on any heater.


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Who is the electricity supplier?
I've no idea, but I suspect the agreement wouldn't stipulate the rate charged you has to match that charged by the company. I guess you could put a meter on a single appliance (or more) and see how long a coin lasts and how much power it (they) have used.
I used to live in digs back in the 70s wich had a coin meter. The tarriff was set by the landlord and was one way that he made more money. I do not know how the law stands regarding this...
I would contact Energy Helpline

0800 074 0745
That's what I was thinking Haggis, which I presume wouldn't be legal...
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Not sure,the main meter is in the hallway lucked up,the landlord has the house divided into 5 flats so he takes 5 cables from there to each flat and has his own 1 pound coin meter in each flat,i know he can change the tarriff as he said he did that when there was an increse in prices.
Purely interpreting what it says in the above leaflet, your landlord is shafting you.

It says "It is now the case that landlords will not be able to charge tenants more for electricity than they have paid for it". Although I don't know much about tenancies and electricity, it did think that was the case.

So two things to do: 1) ask your landlord to supply you in writing with details of how much he pays for electricity. It will probably be about 12p per unit (1kWh). 2) Next time you stick another pound in, see how much credit you get.
£2 per day doesn't sound all that unreasonable (i think) i think we pay about £50 pm on dd
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My£2 per day is just for light so its about the same as you,do you get heat for£50 a month?
im using roughly £50 pm, that's for lights/showers/tv/cooking/heating etc all elec no gas
no, our boiler is oil fired, so not heating, but tv, pc, lights, oven, stereo, microwave kettle etc

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